"With their wit and an ability to illustrate complex scientific notions like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, the construction of an atom, dark matter and neutrinos through juggling, Gerstner and Nicholson have created a gem of crossover stimulation.”

Nicholas Minns - writingaboutdance.com

“They are amazing! Can’t recommend highly enough…they had the audience mesmerised and laughing as well as better informed at the end.”

Julie Brown, Practicalaction.org

“The Josh Award always brings some very innovative and interesting ideas to the Science and Industry Museum’s attention. Ben and Fred are a great example of this. […] [They] have brought a fantastic crossover of science and juggling together which our audiences will really enjoy… it’s a lot of fun!”

Brad Kelly, Head of Festivals and Events at Science and Industry Museum Manchester

“An amazing demonstration for the Josh Award! Juggling and particle physics, what’s not to love?!”

Dr Claudia Antolini, The Roslin Institute (@CA_AstroComm)

“Ben and Fred are really worthy winners of the Josh Award and join an ever growing and highly capable roll call of Sci Comm practitioners. Well done, Ben and Fred!”

Timothy Phillips, Chairman of The Josh Award

“The Josh Award winners are some amazing jugglers bringing physical comedy and massive skills to atom configuration. Totally awesome! And a great soundscape in the background.”

Katie Cooper, University of Reading

“Ben and Fred were fab! Definitely brushed up on knowledge of atoms and molecules!”

Jayne Quoiani, The Roslin Institute